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Liptovsky Hradok

Liptovsky Hradok - Part of the National Heritage reserve. The former 14th century gothic church was built on limestone rock near to the Bela river by the Squire Donc, the Kings Deputy of Zvolen. It was an important watchtower looking over the medieval merchant roads. The castle was owned by the King until the end of the 15th century. A new chateau built in the renaissance style by the new owner, Lady Magdalena Zay, was added during the 16th century. Following a catastrophic fire in 1803 both buildings were destroyed.

Their protests in the Ostrigom canonry were made in vain. Donč was a confidential friend of the Old Hungarian king Karol Róbert and belonged to the most influential figures in Old Hungary. A castle was built on a five meter high limestone rock. Even though it was protected by fortifications and a water ditch it was very vulnerable as was proved by numerous sieges and destruction. It belonged to military buildings guarding an important trade route along the river Váh. One of the legends testify that the castle was connected by underground passages to the fortifications near Liptovský Ján and even with the castle Liptovský hrad. Later it became the seat of administration of the castle estate, the property of the OId Hungarian kings until the mid-15th century and later it was owned by donation or by the forfeiting of several landlords (for instance, the families Zápoľský, Thurzo, Ballas and others). The reconstruction of the castle is attributed to a woman - Magdaléna Zayová. There is a Slovak proverb which says: the devil sends a woman where he himself cannot get to. In other words, the deed impossible for men was done by Magdaléna. More informations you find on


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